In this 41 minute webinar, Drs. David Gruder & Bryan Rill expose the elephants in the room when it comes to leader development training gaps.

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  1. Is it possible that CIHS might offer self-discovery programs which enable attendees to find their purpose and areas of work (as well as the type of job/organization/business to express it) that best inspires and lights them up ? I think that the program you are assembling is very interesting (and the sort of thing that I come up with as a passion as I am navigating a period of unemployment now), but it seems directed primarily at people who are existing leaders in existing organizations. Since the vast majority of of the existing business orgs. are quite NON-integral, this may be somewhat limiting. If your curricula were to expand a bit to take capable people into finding their purpose-path, equips them with integral leadership capabilities, and perhaps provides some guidance in catalyzing/launching NEW organizations founded from the outset on integral clear foundations, this may effect positive change more rapidly and effectively.

    • Hi Steven. Thanks for your thoughts. While it’s true that the CIL is indeed primarily for people who are already in leadership roles, it is also for people who are preparing to step into a leadership role. That said, people who are currently in a leadership role frequently need to revisit their life purpose and what lights them up, as well as making sure that their paradigm (worldview & selfview) best support them in living their purpose and passion. I also like your idea about the CIL helping aspiring leaders launch new organizations that have clear integral foundations from the start. I will give serious consideration to your suggestions, especially because the overall curriculum already lends itself to expanding in these ways even through it’s apparently not yet worded in ways that make this clear. Thanks again for weighing in.


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