Surveys show 95 percent of us think we’re self-aware. However, research indicates that only 10-15 percent of us really are.

What is self-awareness? It’s:

  1. Seeing yourself accurately, as a person and as a leader

  2. Recognizing your personality, worldview, feelings, strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors

  3. Being awake about how your words and actions impact others

Psychologists say self-awareness is a foundation to happiness and success. That includes leadership success, because seeing yourself clearly helps you select better teams, build more effective collaboration, and communicate more effectively.

Even though self-awareness is an inside job, building it largely comes from others. That’s because much of self-awareness comes from discovering:

  • Aspects of ourselves that others see more clearly than we do

  • Impacts we have on others (both positive and negative), that we didn’t know about or underestimated

Want to know how important becoming a better leader really is to you? The more consistently you expand your self-awareness, the more important elevating your leadership is to you.

All of this is why it’s so important for leaders to ongoingly expand their self-awareness literacy through self-awareness training and a self-awareness advisor.

If you suspect or know that you’ve got self-awareness gaps that are preventing you from becoming the leader that your goals and your enterprise need you to become, it’s time to discover how you can benefit the CIHS Center for Integral Leadership’s approach and programs:

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