During these troubled times, there are virtually limitless examples of leaders who misuse power to force and coerce… and just as many examples of people who are reluctant to lead because they don’t have a clear vision of how to effectively wield ethical personal power.

Dr. David Gruder, Executive Director of the CIHS Center for Integral Leadership, is among the only leader development psychologists who has mapped the dynamics of healthy personal power in detail. He briefly outlines these in this recording of this 19 minute Quantum Talk on Ethical Personal Power Effectiveness that he gave to a packed room of psychotherapists. Leaders will find many gems in this talk too.

Ethical Personal Power Effectiveness is but one foundational ingredient of integral leadership. So, after you watch the video, click the button below for details on an upcoming program from Dr. Gruder that you won’t want to miss: The Hero’s Journey Toward ClearChannel Integral Leadership on April 12 & 13, 2019.

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