Friday, December 6, 2019
Why do your leadership and people skills matter in really big ways? Simple. According to a Dunn & Bradstreet study, 90% of organizations fail because its leaders aren’t who their enterprise needs them to be for it to succeed. According to the Gallup Employee Engagement Index, over 70% of employees aren’t engaged in their work. What do these results mean? Having something great...
In this 41 minute webinar, Drs. David Gruder & Bryan Rill expose the elephants in the room when it comes to leader development training gaps. View the CIL's Dec 2018 Event Brochure (PDF -- opens in new window) Enroll in the December 2018 Integral Leadership Taster (opens new window)
Surveys show 95 percent of us think we’re self-aware. However, research indicates that only 10-15 percent of us really are. What is self-awareness? It's: Seeing yourself accurately, as a person and as a leader Recognizing your personality, worldview, feelings, strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors Being awake about how your words and actions impact others Psychologists say self-awareness is a foundation to happiness and success. That includes...